Jurnal Disabilitas, ISSN (online), is published twice a year in the months of APRIL and SEPTEMBER The journal is published by the Department of Special Education Faculty of Education University of Unlam.

Jurnal Disabilitas, is the right place to publish papers that are focused on the results of research and community service related to the theme of assistive technology, learning for children with special needs, education both segregative models (special education) and inclusive practices in regular schools, science education, especially in the field. Special Needs Education.

This journal is expected to be a media for publication of quality scientific research results, especially those that can be accessed online, in print and for free by the people of Indonesia and the international community. Articles (articles) published in the Jurnal Disabilitas are articles that have passed or completed the peer-reviewed review process.

Abstracts and full text that have been published on the website can be read and downloaded for free.

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